Rhythm Lab 3.0 Coming Soon!

Rhythm Lab 3.0 is waiting to be reviewed in the App Store. This version is a major update to the app, with many new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. I am very excited about this version, because it opens up so many possibilities for how Rhythm Lab can be used.
One of the most exciting new features is the ability to create custom rhythm patterns. There are three ways to create a new pattern: 1) completely new pattern, with each rhythm element inserted by hand from a pallet of rhythm elements; 2) copy an existing pattern (default or custom) and edit it or add it to a different custom set; and 3) generate a new pattern randomly based on a few input parameters like level and type. Any pattern can be edited, with insert/cut/copy/paste/delete and undo/redo capabilities. A wide range of time signatures can be used, and the rhythm element pallet is quite extensive,including note values from double whole notes down to 128th notes, dots and double dots, and a large number of tuplet possibilities.

Once a custom pattern is created, it can be added to a new set of patterns, or added to an existing set of patterns. That set is then available immediately for tapping in the app, or it can be exported so that it can be used by Rhythm Lab on other iPads. This greatly expands the usefulness of Rhythm Lab, particularly for teachers. Custom pattern sets can be shared with any number of students.
Another exciting feature is compatibility with the Audiobus app. Audiobus provides real-time interaction with other apps, so that the sound of Rhythm Lab can be enhanced or modified by "filter" apps (basically, audio effects apps) and recorded by "output" apps such as Garage Band.
Rhythm Lab 3.0 also provides user tracking. By creating a simple user name and logging in, a user can track scores for any exercise that is tapped. The statistics for any user logged in are tracked, and can be viewed, printed, or shared by email.
Rhythm Lab 3.0 should be available soon as an update to existing Rhythm Lab installations, and as a download for purchase from the App Store for new users. I expect the review to be completed in early January. The updated version has been submitted for review, but the review process is put on hold over the Christmas holidays for about a week.