Rhythm Lab 3.1.1 - Timing and a few bug fixes

Rhythm Lab 3.1.1 is a maintenance update that fixes a few minor bugs and some timing issues. Some users were experiencing some less-than-satisfactory tapping results, and I was able to trace the problem to some timing parameters that were causing issues with faster (shorter) note values. Also, on the Custom pattern screen, I found that creating tuplet groups that start or end with a rest was impossible, so that bug has been fixed.
Overall, the timing (metronome/taps/playback) in Rhythm Lab 3.1.1 is improved. I changed the underlying timing code to use a system call that is more reliable than using NSDate objects, which I think is resulting in a lighter memory footprint, a more reliable timing response, and a slightly faster timing response. I highly recommend updating to version 3.1.1.