Rhythm Lab 3.1.6

Rhythm Lab 3.1.6 is the latest updated version of Rhythm Lab. While this version does not contain any major changes in features, there a number of changes that will make it more convenient to use. There are also a few bug fixes. For convenience, current users can be exported and saved to a file in cloud-based storage apps such as iCloud Drive, Google Drive, DropBox, or Microsoft OneDrive. These users can then be imported into any other installation of Rhythm Lab on any other iPad. This feature makes it possible to back up user groups in case the Rhythm Lab app installation needs to be removed from the device for some reason.

Another new feature is the addition of a custom pattern import button on the opening User screen. Now you can load custom pattern files directly into Rhythm Lab without having to open them from within another app such as DropBox.

Rhythm Lab 3.1.6 also gets some new rhythm patterns that use dotted quarter note - 8th note combinations. These types of patterns already existed in the "Patterns" menu item, but now there is a dedicated level for them in both the single pattern menu (Level 2.5A) and in the double pattern menu (Level 2.5B).