Rhythm Lab featured in new Workshop article: Okey Magazine

The German magazine Okey has included Rhythm Lab in its most recent edition (November-December 2016, No. 133). The “Workshop” section features an article titled “Die Musikstunde:  Spaß und Erfolg im Musikunterricht” (“The Music Lesson: Fun and Success in Music Class”) by Robert Karasek, which includes a short review of Rhythm Lab.  Thank you Okey Magazine and Robert Karasek for including Rhythm Lab!

Rhythm Make It Count: New Video

Leila Viss, blogger and piano teacher (88PianoKeys) has a new resource called Rhythm: Make It Count, an excellent and comprehensive resource for incorporating various rhythmic activities in your teaching, including iPad apps. One of the apps she recommends is Rhythm Lab, and I had the privilege recently of walking through Rhythm Lab with her in a Google Hangout.  The video is available for viewing here. We cover a lot of ground in this video, from user management to worksheet creation to MIDI to Audiobus. Thanks, Leila, for the opportunity to do this demo!


Rhythm Make it Count

New article about Rhythm Lab at Grand Piano Passion Website

Grand Piano Passion, a website geared towards adult pianists and piano students, has published a nice review of Rhythm Lab.  You can find the article here.

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Rhythm Lab Overview

This video provides an overview of many of the features of Rhythm Lab.  There are examples of single, double, drumline, and drumkit patterns.  I used a variety of background and sound sources, including iReal Pro and GarageBand (for backgrounds), and SampleTank (for a sound source).  Audiobus provides the platform to tie everything together.

The video also shows several aspects of the worksheet and custom pattern creation and editing features, and file sharing. Unlike the tutorials with narration, this video is faster-paced without much explanation of what is happening.

Rhythm Lab with iReal Pro on Audiobus

I’ve uploaded a new video demonstrating how to use Rhythm Lab with iReal Pro on Audiobus. iReal Pro provides a lot of nice features, including flexible time signature choices, the ability to create custom chord charts, and a wide number of styles and chord charts to choose from.  This video uses a 12-measure pattern that I created in iReal Pro.  I selected a Latin accompaniment style, and set the tempo to 90 bpm. The time signature is 5/8, and I created several custom patterns in Rhythm Lab to use with the iReal accompaniment.

Also included in this video is a demo of the copy pattern feature in the custom screen. I copy one of the 5/8 patterns, and edit it slightly by adding a new quintuplet in one of the measures.  After creating this new pattern from the copied pattern, I add it to the 5/8 pattern set, and then edit the set by rearranging the order of the patterns in the set.  Finally, I export the pattern set to Dropbox and open it in Rhythm Lab on another iPad.