Welcome to the Piano Pedagogy Plus Games page!

Flash Notes – Name notes on the staff as fast as you can before time is up. Levels progress from simple to difficult. Practice mode allows you to choose the clef and name notes at your own pace with no time limit.

If you like to code in Scratch, I have a Scratch project based on this game idea here.

Flash Notes Keyboard version – This version of Flash Notes is the same as Flash Notes (above) but with a virtual keyboard for input instead of letter names.

If you like to code in Scratch, I have a keyboard naming game as a Scratch project here.

Flash Scale Degrees – Identify the scale degree (number or name) of the note on the staff in different keys. Requires recognition of key signatures.

Flash Key Signatures – Identify the correct key signature.

Flash Intervals – Identify the correct interval.

If you like to code in Scratch, you can check out several Scratch music game projects here.